Free Resources by Laura

I love to help growers like you and that is why I have created multiple free recourses to help you our! 

Free Mini-Courses & Video Trainings

Should you start a Microgreens farm

A FREE mini-course designed specifically to help you discover if a Microgreens business will bring you the freedom, flexibility and profits you desire.

Selling made SIMPLE!

A FREE mini-course designed specifically to help you with some simple steps to start selling your Microgreens!

How to land your first Microgreens customer

If you want to have a PROFITABLE Microgreens business…you need to know how to market and sell those microgreens.

How to kickstart your own Microgreens Business!

and make $1k every month in less than an hour a day, growing Microgreens at home!

*Free 1 hour training*

5 Steps to Turning Your Spare Room Into a Profitable Microgreens Farm

Learn how starting a Microgreens Business might be easier than you think.

*Free 1 hour training*

Planting for Profit

In this on-demand workshop, you will learn exactly what you need to get started growing