crash courses

by Hand-Grown Greens

…Designed with the DIY’er in mind! These crash courses are self study programs that'll get YOUR microgreens business up and running faster, so that you can avoid the stress and have more time for the things in your life that matter most.

Hey, aspiring grower! Quick question for you:

What would your life look like if you could grow and sell microgreens from your home?

And to be clear, I don’t mean moving to a five-acre farm with a built-in irrigation system or renting an expensive greenhouse. 

(Though that’s lovely if it’s your situation!)

I’m talking about growing healthy, delicious superfoods from your home exactly as it is right now—with a little grow space carved out in your kitchen, garage, or backyard shed.

No idea how to start? I got you!

How to Launch Your New Microgreens Business

Looking to transform your passion for microgreens into a booming business? Well, get ready, because I’ve created a course that’s designed to catapult you from a microgreens enthusiast to a successful entrepreneur!

Join me as we explore the essence of your business dreams, helping you understand your ‘why’, clarify your vision, and create a mission that echoes your core values.

I’ll reveal the secrets to mastering time management, setting achievable and ambitious goals, and constructing a team that will champion your microgreens business.

That’s just the beginning. Together, we’ll traverse the path of crafting a solid business plan, I’ll guide you through the thrilling steps of launching your business, and offer you a comprehensive checklist to ensure no stone is left unturned.

We’ll demystify the often daunting aspects of business like food safety, insurance, and taxes with a straightforward and light-hearted approach. And as a cherry on top, I’ve included a bonus section on branding to give your business that unique sparkle.

$97 one-time payment

How to Grow High-Quality Microgreens for Profit

Ready to turn your green thumb into green cash? Come along, I’ve developed a course that’s set to guide you from being a gardening enthusiast to a master microgreens grower for profit!

We’ll start out be exploring your ideal grow space, navigating the world of startup supplies (yes, including those crucial grow lights), and get you savvy on choosing the right crops and packaging. I’ll then help you get your hands dirty as we set up your very own grow space.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ll dive into the art and science of consistently growing top-notch microgreens. From planning your grow cycles and sanitizing seeds, to seeding your microgreens and mastering germination, every step is covered. We’ll also focus on the growth phase, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of watering your tiny greens.

We then transition into the grand finale – harvesting and packaging your microgreens. I’ll take you through the entire process, from reaping your lush microgreens, drying, and packaging them, to the correct way to store them. And let’s not forget the all-important cleanup, where I’ll teach you how to clean and sanitize your trays post-harvest.

And as a special gift, I’ve added a bonus section on record keeping – because every successful microgreens entrepreneur knows the value of good bookkeeping.

$97 one-time payment

How to Sell Your Microgreens with Confidence and Ease

Ever wondered how to transform your passion for microgreens into a profitable business? Well, it’s time to unfold the mystery with my course that’s designed to propel you from green gardener to confident microgreens sales maestro!

Firstly, we’ll identify your ideal customer base. Knowing who you’re growing for is just as important as what you’re growing!

Next, we’ll venture into the exciting world of marketing your microgreens. Together, we’ll manage your mindset around marketing, dive into understanding your customer, build a stellar website, and kick off your email list. We’ll also harness the power of social media and master the art of in-person marketing. As an extra, I’ve included a bonus of marketing swipe files and scripts, to make your marketing journey a breeze.

In the third chapter of our journey, we demystify the art of selling. I’ll take you through a series of comprehensive guides on how to sell to different customer segments, including Farmers Markets, restaurants, grocery stores, CSAs, distributors, and direct to consumers using a subscription model. We’ll also delve into topics like growing to order, pricing your microgreens, navigating discounts and consignment, getting paid, invoicing, and choosing the right e-commerce platform.

For the cherry on top, you’ll have access to an exclusive bonus masterclass on ‘How to Land Your First Microgreens Customer’.

$97 one-time payment

Need all three?

Get the Microgreens Crash Course Bundle!

Dive into the basics of setting up your microgreens business, mastering the art of growing quality microgreens for profit, and selling your produce with confidence and ease. These three comprehensive courses are your ticket to successful microgreens entrepreneurship. Don’t miss the chance to grow, flourish, and profit from your passion. Enroll in the bundle today for the ultimate microgreens business journey!

$197 one-time payment

If this isn’t tugging at your intuition, that’s okay! You can confidently click out of here and get back to your beautiful day. 

But, if you’re meeting me all the way down here, chances are you already know you want to make money from home with microgreens.

And the only thing standing between you and your dreams of working from home, not rushing out the door in the morning, and picking your kiddos up from school every day, is a little bit of fear. 

Which is totally normal!

In case you need a little reminder from someone who has been in your shoes, you CAN live the life of your dreams.

You CAN make money with microgreens.

And I’m here to help every step of the way.


Always rooting for you,


Heads Up: This Microgreens Crash Course incorporates content from our comprehensive ‘Make Money with Microgreens All-In-One Course’. If you’re already a student of that course, rest assured you’ve covered this material. So, no need to enroll in this course – you’re already one step ahead on your microgreens journey!

One more note: If you decide to take the plunge and buy a crash course or the bundle now, and later wish to join our comprehensive ‘Make Money with Microgreens All-In-One Course’ when it reopens, we’ve got great news! We’ll happily deduct the amount you invested in the crash course from the price of the all-in-one course. It’s our way of ensuring your learning journey is as seamless and rewarding as possible!