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Hey! I’m Laura—

Mama to 3 kiddos, former registered nurse, and homemade grilled cheese connoisseur. And I grow and sell microgreens from my backyard.

Today I spend my days chasing my youngest around the house, making more meals for my crew than you’d believe, and growing delicious microgreens for my family and community.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Just 5 years ago I was paying the bills as a nurse.

I loved helping my patients, but working long 12-hour shifts away from my family left me burnt out, uninspired, and unfulfilled.

I knew I wanted to work from home, but I didn’t know how to earn a living without working a traditional 9-5. (Which is more like 7-7 if you’re a nurse.)

Until I found microgreens.

I started growing tiny pots on my windowsill and graduated to trays on a vertical rack in my spare bedroom.

It made sense—I’d grown up on a farm and always loved growing vegetables and plants.

Once I figured out how to grow and sell microgreens, I built a profitable business that replaced my 9-5 income and let me stay home to potty train my kiddos. Now, my work lets me enjoy my life on my terms—no one else’s.

Discover it for my free 1 hour training!

This Free Training will show you exactly how to kickstart your own Microgreens Business NOW!