Where to buy


Our microgreens are currently available for purchase through the following retailers in WA

Don’t live in the area? No problem! You can grow microgreens at home easily with my DIY microgreen grow kits. 

Buy them year round

Gemini Fish Market

Delivered fresh every Friday.

Top of the Hill Quality Produce

Delivered fresh every Friday.

Farmhouse Market

Duvall Family Grocer

Carnation Farm's Farmstand

Summers only

Jubilee Farm Market

Tuesdays & Fridays from 12-5pm

*extended October hours from 10-5pm

From June 1st – October 31st 

Fridays 3-7pm

From June 7 – September 27th 

Learn how to grow microgreens at home!

Are you eager to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient life, but feel like time and space can get in the way? There is a small, simple and impactful way of achieving this! 

In this FREE video guide, you’ll learn:

  • What you need to grow microgreens
  • The simple steps to successfully grow them
  • When and how to harvest