Planting for Profit

Microgreens Workshop

Free On-Demand Workshop

In this on-demand workshop, you will learn….


🌱 Exactly what you need to get started growing Microgreens for profit. 


🌱 How to effectively plant your microgreens to ensure consistent, high quality yields.


🌱 Common planting pitfalls AND  how you can avoid them

About Hand-Grown Greens

By the end of this free on-demand workshop

✅ You will feel confident that you can start growing Microgreens for profit. 

✅ You will have a step-by-step plan that will help you turn seeds into sales.

Hey! I’m Laura

Just 5 years ago I was paying the bills as a nurse.

I loved helping my patients, but working long 12-hour shifts away from my family left me burnt out, uninspired, and unfulfilled.

I knew I wanted to work from home, but I didn’t know how to earn a living without working a traditional 9-5. (Which is more like 7-7 if you’re a nurse.)

Until I found microgreens.

I started growing microgreens in tiny pots on my windowsill and graduated to trays on a vertical rack in my spare bedroom.

It made sense—I’d grown up on a farm and always loved growing vegetables and plants.

Once I figured out how to grow and sell microgreens, I built a profitable business that replaced my 9-5 income and let me stay home to potty train my kiddos. Now, my work lets me enjoy my life on my terms—no one else’s.