Learn How to Grow Microgreens for Profit

Teaching YOU how to start and grow a home-based microgreens business that is flexible, rewarding, and profitable!

Laura Owner Handgrown Greens


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Where are you in your Microgreens journey?

Do you have all the things you need to startup your microgreens?

Not sure if starting a microgreens business is for you?

Are you ready to start a profitable microgreens business?

Top 3 reasons why Microgreens are so profitable

Microgreens are incredibly profitable. It’s not just because they are beautiful, nutritious and delicious. While all these things are true, these attributes are not what make Microgreens PROFITABLE.

There is a demand

People are getting wise to these nutritious, tasty little greens

Microgreens have a short shelf life

This creates a space for small local growers -not having to compete with industrial agriculture.

Microgreens grow fast!

Unlike other crops you can be harvesting and selling EVERY WEEK, all year long!

What do others say about working with me....

Hi! I'm Laura..

Owner of Hand-Grown Greens. 

Microgreens changed my life. I really mean that. I spent years feeling unfulfilled working as a nurse at the hospital.

Deep down, I felt like I was made for something different. I had dreams of finding a way that I could build health and wellness in myself, my family, and my community.

That dream became a reality when I started growing Microgreens. 

Microgreens are incredibly nutrient-dense little greens and super fun and easy to grow. I’m blown away but how my little venture has grown into the business it is today.

If you feel the tug to go in a new direction, I so encourage you to go for it. There will always be a thousand reasons not to start. Don’t let those reasons hold you back. Get resourceful and figure out how you can start NOW!