Grow Your Way To A Profitable Microgreens Business That Fits Your Lifestyle

An 8-week intensive course where you learn how to plan, market and build your own profitable microgreens business tailored perfectly to your life.

ATTENTION, Mircogreen Lovers

Have you ever wanted the best of both worlds?

Do you ever take long walks around the farmer’s market and admire the produce? Ever wonder about growing veggies when you’re washing off the dirt from some freshly harvested greens? 

It feels soo fulfilling to eat what you grow and nurture your family with freshly harvested veggies from your garden. . . 

Is this the point where you shake your head and push that dream out of your mind?

But every time you dare to dream all these pesky thoughts enter your mind: 

>> “How do I pay my bills?”

>> “I don’t even know if I can grow microgreens where I live—I don’t have the space or the time!”

>> “How would I even go about finding customers?”

>> “How can I spend all that time without any hope of making an income from it?”

>> “I don’t even know where to start!”

Any of those hit the mark? 

If you’re thinking you can’t just leave everything and spend all day growing microgreens……my friend, I have some news for you.

What if I told you, you no longer need to feel that tinge of sadness every time you ignore your dream of growing microgreens?

What if I told you, you could have your greens and eat them too? (See what I did there?)

If you’d like a piece of homesteading exactly where you are, then I’m glad you found this course! You can turn your passion for growing microgreens into a profitable business that fits your life.  

You can find the goldilocks equivalent of gardening heaven in your busy life—not too much, not too little but just right.

Guess what?

You can carve out time to check things off your bucket list:

Travel to your favorite destinations, spend quality time with your loved ones and take long walks on the beach (or my personal favorite: beachcombing)

If you’re rolling your eyes because this all seems like a pipe dream, you’re not alone. I had the same reaction before I started. 

All the homesteaders on IG and youtube make it look easy but when you’re starting out it feels like a huuuge commitment. So much to think about—start-up costs, growing cycles, ideal crops, packaging, marketing, audience, and on the list goes….

You’ve poured through all the blogs and filled notebooks with notes you took watching all the youtube videos but you’re struggling to catch up. Things get complicated when a ton of information is coming at you. Makes you wanna shut everything off and take a breather.  

Pssst…. you don’t have to drop your responsibilities, spend a ton of time and money to start growing microgreens, you know?

What if you had a piece of your own microgreens heaven right where you are?

You read that right! Whether you have a 9 to 5 job, you take care of your kids full time or you would love to earn some money doing what you love—you can start today!  

You can cultivate microgreens with the time and space you already have. No moving or life adjustments required! Just some startup supplies, your favourite gardening gloves with the audiobook of your choice playing in the background.

If you’re worried about all the upfront costs and no return on investment, it’s totally valid. 

Nothing is more frustrating than spending your hard-earned cash on supplies that you never end up using. 

You want a detailed framework that helps you plan, produce and sell microgreens. A solid set of easy-to-follow lessons guiding you to build your microgreens business tailored to your life. 

Bottom line: You want a business that you believe in. A business where you do what you love and nurture your family the way you want to. 

You want to have fresh greens from your garden when you make lunch and feel the sense of fulfillment of growing them with your own hands. 

You want to spend more time with your loved ones without worrying about work or bills.

You want to go through your bucket list without wondering how many vacation hours you have left at work.

You want to feel a sense of serenity wash over you when you think about your business. 

You deserve it 

You can have all of it. 

How to grow microgreens on a windowsill

Have I introduced myself yet?  it’s time we met….

Hello, friend. I’m Laura.

Baking enthusiast, mac-n-cheese aficionado, folk music-loving introvert that’s always in your corner. I’m here to show you how you can experience the magic of microgreens in your life. 

Believe it or not, I was exactly where you are a few years ago. I used to be a registered nurse with a passion for gardening. I grew up on a farm—one of those 4-H kids you might’ve seen at the fair.  I even learned how to drive a tractor when I was nine if you can believe it.  

I always lived my life in the most self-sufficient way possible. But I became a registered nurse to pay the bills. Life can be soo expensive, especially when you have young children, ya know? I was content being a registered nurse but I wasn’t truly happy. I found parts of my job rewarding but I never felt fulfilled. 

That is when I found microgreens and it changed everything. 

I quickly learned that not only are microgreens vibrant, nutritious, and packed with flavor… they are also easy to grow and extremely profitable! 

Laura holding microgreen trays

Just like that, a light bulb lit up in my mind. I started to believe that my nursing job wasn’t the only way I could make money. I  took baby steps towards planting microgreens. I started with tiny pots on my windowsill then graduating to trays on a vertical rack. 

You know what? People loved them!

The momentum started building and my business started growing. The next thing I knew I had phased out my job and still had a steady income, customers who adored me, and a business I was absolutely in love with. I did all that while being a proud mama and taking care of my three beautiful children—and the occasional ritual of baking fresh sourdough bread. 

Over the years, I leveraged my experience to create and implement a detailed, value-packed framework with the key processes that helped me maximize production, clarify branding, market and build the profitable business of my dreams. 

Maybe that doesn’t sound exactly like your dream. Maybe you’re just looking for that tiny part of microgreens heaven in your already fulfilling life. 

You could use a blueprint before you take that first step….

...If only you could have access to a detailed course that guides you through every step of creating your profitable microgreens business. Psssssssssssst......

(This is where you should stop skimming and scrolling ‘cause I’ve got just the thing for you!)

Let me introduce you to….

Make Money with Microgreens

Make Money with Microgreens gives you a solid foundation to building a profitable microgreens business from the ground up. It guides you every step along the way from getting a business license and planning your microgreens to branding, marketing, and selling them.

After this 8-week commitment, you will have a profitable business that you’re proud of and that helps you make an impact on the world around you. 

You have two value-packed options to choose from: Group Coaching brings you into a group environment with a supportive community that will go on this journey with you. If you prefer working 1:1 you can select the Private Coaching option where I tailor your coaching experience based on your specific business goals. 

Did I mention you have lifetime access? Can’t dedicate time studying every week or feel like you need more time to deep dive into all the lessons? No problem! With lifetime access, you can come back to this course anytime for a refresher or a deep dive.

I’ve created this framework to give you a visual and written guide to help you through every part of your journey.   

When you sign up for Make Money with Microgreens you get:

Without further ado, here are the deets for ya!

Make Money with Microgreens is an 8-week commitment full of value-packed coaching calls, detailed weekly schedules, 2 exclusive bonus lessons (+ bonus training content).

8-Week Online Course with Group Coaching

$ 497 One Time Payment
  • Learn at your own pace with the online course (life time access)
  • Weekly live Q &A x 8 weeks
  • Private IG group where you can meet your peers.
  • Exclusive bonus training content with industry experts
  • Lifetime access

8-Week Online Course with One-on-One Coaching

$ 997 One Time Payment
  • Learn at you own pace with the online course (life time access)
  • 3 one-on-one private zoom coaching sessions to tailor a business plan to fit your current goals
  • Ongoing 1:1 email support x 8 weeks
  • Weekly live Q &A x 8 weeks
  • Private IG group
  • Exclusive bonus training content with industry experts
  • Lifetime access

If you enroll before September 19th You can have Group Coaching for -$297-

Alright! Let's get this show on the road…


Week 1: Build A Solid Foundation In Your Business

  • Every strong business model starts with a solid plan. We start by focusing on your business goals, expectations, and core values. 
  • You’ll choose a business name and find a structure that suits your lifestyle. 
  • I’ll guide you through registering your business, getting tax ID numbers, licenses, permits, business bank accounts (ya know? all the scary and boring stuff).
  • Cultivate a business mindset to start your journey on the right foot and start selling to your ideal customers. 

Week 2: Launch Your Business

  • We’ll spend time getting to know your ideal customers before we dive into perfecting your website.   
  • We’ll work on clarifying your brand messaging so it reflects on your website, branding, and packaging. 
  • Now that you have your voice of customer research and your brand messaging sorted out, it’s time to build your website and social media.
Growing microgreens in sunlight

Week 3: Setting Up Your Space

  • This is where I will guide you to find the perfect space to cultivate your microgreens and give you a list of specific supplies you need to get started.
  • I’ll help you choose the ideal crops you want to start cultivating with your lifestyle, location, and goals in mind. 
  • I’ll help you plan your growth cycles based on your specific goals and business needs.

Week 4: Growing Your Microgreens!

  • We’ll dive deep into the specifics of growing microgreens from sanitizing and soaking seeds, prepping trays to watering your microgreens. 
  • We’ll focus on how to effectively harvest your microgreens so you time them properly based on your business model. 
  • We’ll go through the nitty-gritty of perfect lighting, temperature, and troubleshooting to make sure your space is set up just right for the types of crop you are growing.
microgreens growing indoor with grow lights

Week 5: Storing and Packaging Your Microgreens

  • I’ll show you the best ways of drying and storing our microgreens to increase their shelf life. 
  • We’ll go through how to clean and sanitize your trays before you get to your next growth cycle. 
  • I’ll give you resources and guidance on keeping harvesting records to plan ahead and keep track of your progress.

Week 6: Master Your Marketing

  • We’ll dig deep into building your email list, creating subscription packages on your website to sell directly to your customers. 
  • You’ll have access to templates that will help you build an email list and a strong following on social media. 
  • I’ll show you how to engage with your ideal customers to finetune your pricing, branding, and offerings.
  • You’ll learn how to nurture business relationships and gain customers for life.
growing microgreens in a kitchen

Week 7: Selling made Simple

  • You’ll learn simple ways to start selling microgreens on a small and a large scale. 
  • You’ll have access to 3 pricing guides to help you price your microgreens and build pricing packages for your customers. 
  • I’ll walk you through techniques you can implement to start selling in farmer’s markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and high-end distributors.

Week 8: Wrapping up

  • This is it! In the final week, we’ll review everything covered in all the other sections and I’ll address any lingering questions you have in a bonus Q&A. 
  • We’ll also go over the day-to-day of a microgreens farmer and develop standard operating procedures for your business. 
  • You’ll learn how to automate different business processes and minimize administrative work.
  • I’ll show you key points to remember when you’re ready to hire employees and scale your business sustainably.

Doors Close September 28th!

If you enroll before September 19th. You can have Group Coaching for -$297-

Hang on... Did you think that was it?? I’ve still got a list of value-packed bonuses for you…

Exclusive Bonus Lesson #1:  Home delivery subscription model with Guest Expert Patrick Brown of Moms Micro Garden

Exclusive Bonus Lesson #2: Growing Wheatgrass for Profit with Vanessa Hanel of Micro YYC

There is more bonus training + content for you

  • Time management training with Guest Expert Taina Pere
  • Masterclass on Should I go certified organic?
  • FREE access to my mini-course:
  • Microgreen Magic, growing nutrient-dense microgreens that your family will enjoy.
  • Website design training with Guest Expert Katrina Reisndorff
  • Branding training with Guest Expert Carrie Wilson of The Homestead Documentary
  • Selling LIVING microgreens with guest expert Bronte Austin of Girly Girl Greens
  • Microgreens and Nutrient-Dense Diets with nutrition expert Nicole Harris, CCWFN, NTP of Tiny Greens Farm.
  • Discount with Bootstrap Farmer $15 off first order
  • Exclusive discount on Microgreen Pricing spreadsheet tool created by Andrew Springer of Little Leaf Microgreens


This is a huuuge investment so if you’re still on the fence, I completely understand! I have been in your shoes before. I know what it’s like to put your hard-earned money into a course and pray you finally start seeing some return on your investment. 

You deserve to invest in a course that aligns with your current goals. Sometimes some courses just don’t jive with us, ya know? 

I’m offering a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Try it for 7 days and if you don’t like it, I’ll give you your money back. Sound good?

What people are saying about Make Money with Microgreens...

Still got burning questions? Let’s answer them!

This is NOT for you if you’re looking for quick overnight results without really putting in a ton of effort. Or if you thrive in a more spontaneous environment and don’t like following through with the formula and implementing techniques shown in the course. 

This course is definitely right for you if: 

> You want to create a profitable microgreens business that is easy to manage. 

> You want to get out of the rat race by building a business with consistent and higher yields, clarified branding and marketing strategy. 

> You are just starting out and want to invest in a course that helps you find your ideal client, and helps you build a strong marketing strategy. 

If you agree with any of the above, you will benefit from this course.

It depends! Some people like to binge and some people like to soak into each lesson and take their time with it. It takes about 6-8 weeks to get through every lesson without adding pressure. 

If you don’t have consistent time to dedicate for 6-8 weeks don’t worry, thats what lifetime access is for. You can do the lessons whenever you want. Just fyi, the weekly QnA’s will only take place for 8 weeks. 

I’m here to coach you and make you feel supported. In the group option, you get access to the community of wonderful people in the course with you. If you prefer working 1:1 you can select the private coaching option where I tailor your experience based on your specific business goals. 

You’re welcome to reach out to me anytime if you feel stuck or have follow-up questions. 

Everyone’s success looks different and it takes time to build momentum. 

If you implement the formula I share and follow through with the marketing and promotional techniques—you will see results.

Enrollment is only open for a short time because I like giving my students my undivided attention. This way I can focus on what my students need and I have a more hands-on approach in the course. 

If you thrive in a community environment and would love to meet more like-minded people the group coaching option is definitely for you. 

Private coaching is right for you if you are looking for an even more in-depth 1:1 coaching approach tailored to your specific business goals.

This is definitely for you if you relate with any of the following:

  • You’re a stay-at-home parent wanting to live life on your own terms. You want to nurture your family and bring in a steady income with a sustainable business you are proud of. 

  • You crave a life where you can nurture your green thumb but you worry about how you can pay the bills if you garden all day. You want a business where you make money doing what you love. 

  • You follow all homesteader IGs, YouTube channels and you’ve read all the articles on microgreens. You want a hands-on approach that helps you start your own microgreens business. You have always been drawn to gardening. 

  • You’ve always loved gardening and feel drained at your 9 to 5 job. You believe in farm-to-table and would love to build a business to nurture yourself, your family, and the world around you with a sustainable way of living.

  • You want to build a sustainable business that helps you live a more self-sufficient life and nurtures those around you. You’ve always been curious about microgreens and think they’re a great fit for your business goals.

Before you head out…Can we chat for a sec?


Hello friend! Can I say something? I am soo excited to have you here. If you’re like me, you’re probably weighing the pros and cons list to see if this is something you want to invest in at this time. 

I get it. I was in your shoes not long ago. Before I let you go, I want to let you know what you’ll get when you sign up: 

When you’re on the other side of this 8-week journey, you’ll be a proud owner of your own profitable microgreens business. You’ll have all the tools at your disposal to plan, produce, market and sell your microgreens to the people who believe in your business and cheer you on. 


You finally have the chance to LIVE. YOUR. DREAM. Imagine all the times you wondered about nurturing your green thumb and starting your own microgreens business but decided not to because you just didn’t if it was worth it…

I’m here to tell you it’s worth it. And you’re worth living the life you believe in. 

With Make Money with Microgreens you can find that sweet spot between living your ideal lifestyle and doing what you love to make money,  

You get to live the dream. 

… I SOOO hope you take this opportunity to find your perfect goldilocks piece of a microgreens heaven. 

Always rooting for you!

Laura holding microgreen trays

Make Money with Microgreens

8-Week Online Course with Group Coaching

$ 497 One Time Payment
  • Learn at your own pace with the online course (life time access)
  • Weekly live Q &A x 8 weeks
  • Private IG group where you can meet your peers.
  • Exclusive bonus training content with industry experts
  • Lifetime access

8-Week Online Course with One-on-One Coaching

$ 997 One Time Payment
  • Learn at your own pace with the online course (life time access)
  • 3 one-on-one private zoom coaching sessions to tailor a business plan to fit your current goals
  • Ongoing 1:1 email support x 8 weeks
  • Weekly live Q &A x 8 weeks
  • Private IG group
  • Exclusive bonus training content with industry experts
  • Lifetime access

If you enroll before September 19th. You can have Group Coaching for -$297-

Learn how to grow microgreens at home!

Are you eager to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient life, but feel like time and space can get in the way? There is a small, simple and impactful way of achieving this! 

In this FREE video guide, you’ll learn:

  • What you need to grow microgreens
  • The simple steps to successfully grow them
  • When and how to harvest