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September 28th 2019 workshop – learn to grow microgreens at home!

Click here to learn all about our workshop!

Register for the workshop

Please fill out and send this registration form to

Workshop Agenda


What are microgreens

  • Popular Varieties

Why grow Microgreens?

  • Microgreens are:
    • Nutritionally dense
    • Beautiful
    • Verstile
  • Can’t get any fresher than your counter top!
  • Provides you with year-round local greens!
  • Connect with food by growing food.
  • Simple to grow and requires minimal space

How to grow?

  • Supplies needed
  • Light, heat, ventilation- creating the optimal grow environment
  • Time frames
    • Staggering plantings

When and how to harvest?

  • So simple

Eating Microgreens!!

  • Flavors
  • Nutritional benefits
  • Recipe Ideas

Q&A with tastings!

When & where

September 28th, 2019 from 3:30 pm - 5 pm

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