Microgreen Magic

Teaching you how to grow nutrient dense Microgreens your family will be excited to eat!

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This 47$ course is designed to show you exactly how to grow, harvest, and use microgreens in your home-cooked meals.

So you can serve easy, fast, and delicious nutrient-packed meals that your kiddos will actually eat.


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Hi there! I'm Laura.

I’m a former nurse and farmer turned microgreen grower – but above else, I’m a busy mom of three young kids.

Let me tell you why I created this course and how microgreens can truly be little life savers when comes meal time with your kiddos.

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Calling all busy mamas!

Let’s chat about who this microgreens course is for…

You’re a mom and you’re busier than you’ve ever been. (Thanks to 2020, the year of the upside-down world.)

And on top of it all, you’re totally over serving your kiddos food that’s void of nutritious value.

You’ve tried it all. 

From gardening and fancy cookbooks to a total pantry overhaul. But what you really need is a solution that works for you. Something that’s natural, practical, and easy so you can skyrocket the nutritious value in your kid’s meals no matter how busy you are.

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Whether you’re a:

  • Mom with a 9-5 who needs a simple, doable, sustainable solution. Farmers’ markets, HelloFresh, and outdoor gardens are just too much work.
  • Mom who is working from home and has to make meals while also entertaining the tribe, running a business, cleaning the house, and teaching 5th-grade long division.
  • Mom with a busy partner and who has to manage the household side of things solo.
  • Mom who is plain old tired of feeding your kids PB&J and Annie’s Mac ‘n Cheese for dinner every night.
  • Mom who wants an easy, quick, fun way to do nutrient-packed meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You’re in the right place.

Microgreen Magic is a mini-course that will give you all the tools you need to grow, harvest, and cook with homegrown microgreens in just minutes a day.

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Let’s talk about the goodies.

By the end of the course, you’ll know:

  • How to grow and care for microgreens in your home. It takes just minutes a day to care for your homegrown microgreens.
  • When and how to harvest your microgreens. So you know exactly when your greens are ready for meals.
  • How to use microgreens in your meals. So you can transform even your favorite go-to’s into nutrient-dense dishes.
  • How to include your kiddos in the microgreens growing process. So eating healthy is less of a mom-centered pipe dream and more of a fun-filled, whole-family affair. (Yes even your picky eater).

What people are saying...

We are hooked on growing microgreens thanks to the class we took!

I am an Expat mom of three living in Singapore. Space is at a premium here and growing conditions are hot. My kids really wanted to “garden” and I was desperate for some kind of nutritional greens that they would eat.

I had seen and eaten microgreens in restaurants but never thought about growing them myself. When I learned that it was possible I was intrigued. I wanted to try growing right away and wanted to be as successful as possible. Laura’s class, “Microgreen Magic” was educational while being fun and real. My life with kids is crazy. I needed to learn from someone who understands what it is like to want the best for young kiddos.

Thanks Hand-Grown Greens!

– Julie, Singapore


The perfect way to easily add greens to our meals! Laura's course taught me how fun and quick it is to grow microgreens at home.

I have always struggled with finding ways to incorporate more fresh vegetables into my diet in a consistent way. They often ended up all shrivelled in a dark corner of the fridge, and I’d just whip up another PB&J sandwich. 

But now – one thing that is sure to NEVER end up that way is my fresh microgreens! Everyone in our home loves them. They are so easy to add to any dish and they’re absolutely delicious. My kitchen feels like there’s something missing if I don’t have any on hand. Thanks to Laura’s course, I know exactly how to grow my own successfully, and I don’t have to rely on lesser-quality store-bought microgreens.

I was a little intimidated to grow them myself (I do not have a green thumb, at all!), but the course taught me how simple and fun it is to grow your own microgreens. I’m so happy I did, I love checking in on my little greens first thing in the morning! This is a healthy habit I will stick with long-term.

– Katrina, Seattle

Here’s a sneak peek inside the mini-course.

Lesson 1

Your Complete Guide to Microgreens

You’ve tried it all, but you haven’t tried microgreens. These little, tiny greens deliver big nutrients to your family. (Most moms are surprised to know they’re healthier than normal veggies!).

Microgreens are the nutrient-dense, kid-friendly secret weapon you’ve been waiting for.

You’ll learn:

  • Exactly how nutritious microgreens are so you have the full-scope knowledge of just how powerful these baby greens are.

Lesson 2

How to Grow Microgreens at Home

Growing microgreens at home is a no-fuss, no-green-thumb, and no-pre-tilled garden-required process. In fact, growing greens at home takes just minutes a day. Now that’s something us moms call a miracle.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up your microgreens growing station
  • What tools you need to successfully grow microgreens
  • Where to find the best microgreens growing spot in your home.

Lesson 3

How to Use Microgreens in Your Meals

Add a nutritious component to the meals you’re already making. Yup, that’s right, microgreens are a healthy addition to the breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes you’ve already got down pat.

No re-inventing the wheel here. You can use microgreen to boost your family’s health without having to add a single cookbook to your collection.

You’ll learn:

  • How to add microgreens to your cooked dishes
  • How to add microgreens to your prepared dishes
  • Brand new recipes

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…


Listen, I’m a mama, too. And I know that you love a product that pours on the value. 

So I created  3 FREE bonuses that you’ll get when you sign up today.


Bonus #1 ($15.99 value)
Microgreens Made Simple Ebook

  • This ebook is a comprehensive simple guide to microgreens. From the grow-pot to the dinner table.

Bonus #2 ($12.99 value)
Microgreens Recipe Inspiration Guide

  • You’ll have immediate access to 30 brand new ideas for how to use your new microgreens in meals. That’s an entire month’s worth of nutrient-boosting meal ideas done for you.

Bonus #3: ($29.99 value)

Boost your Immunity with Wheatgrass mini-course 

  • Everything you need to know to grow & juice wheatgrass at home!

for just 47$

Burning Qs other mamas have asked before purchasing the course.

What are microgreens exactly?

  • Microgreens are young veggie greens harvested just after the leaves develop. The term microgreen isn’t specific to any one vegetable plant. They’re incredibly versatile greens that can enhance flavor profiles, add a burst of color, and get nutrients into those kiddos. Cook with them or simply toss a handful on top of your dinners. The sky’s the limit here!

Does it cost a lot to get started?

  • Other healthy DIY options and organic choices get real pricey real quick. The farmer’s market especially. Even taking the family to a U-Pick berry farm will cost yah. But there are no start-up costs to growing microgreen besides a simple grow kit. If you’re on a budget, microgreens are perfect for you.

What if I don’t have time to take on another project right now?

  • You’re in luck. I know you’re busier than busy. And I know you don’t have time to invest in a big, time-consuming course that’ll take weeks to complete and that’ll probably sit in your inbox unfinished until your kids graduate college.
  • You can complete this mini-course in about an hour. It’s perfect for a nighttime wind-down or early-morning companion before the kids get up.
  • And if you don’t have one full hour, the course is digestible in small chunks!
  • Each video is roughly the length of Daniel Tiger episode. You can learn a whole new way to add nutrients to your meals in the time it takes your kiddos to start squirming and asking for snacks.

What if I’m not sure my kids will eat microgreens?

  • I never thought my kids would eat microgreens either. But growing, caring for, harvesting, and cooking with greens has a way of making your kiddos feel good about eating them. Microgreens are a great option for picky eaters because they take the ick factor out of dinnertime greens.

What if I don’t have a green thumb?

  • No green-thumb required here! And I mean that. Microgreens are easy to grow and hard to kill. So they’re perfect for beginners and they’re rather child-proof, too.

What do microgreens taste like?

  • Microgreens come in a variety of taste profiles. Some are spicy and peppery, some sweet, nutty, earthy, and herb-like. They’re fabulous complements to any dish.

What if I don’t have an outdoor yard?

  • Microgreens can be grown anywhere there’s a bit of light. You can grow them in an apartment, shed, or right in your living or kitchen. Windowsills, porch railings, or doorsteps are also great places for growing your greens.

How long does it take to grow microgreens?

  • Microgreens go from seed to harvest-ready shoots in about a week or two. No more planting in April and waiting for a usable garden harvest in late August. Microgreens are quick and easy.

What type of microgreens can I grow?

  • SO many kinds! You can grow beet varieties, kale varieties, radish varieties, broccoli, arugula, carrots, cabbage, mustard, watercress, fennel, celery.
  • …Shall I continue?
  • Dill varieties, leek varieties, basil varieties, scallion, cilantro. You can grow ‘em all!

I’m so excited to show you how easy it is to grow microgreens at home.

I’m a nurse, microgreens farmer, and—above all else—a mom. 

I have three kids, all under the age of 6, and those little humans are my whole world.

After spending over 10 years as a nurse, I saw first-hand what a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits can do to a person. And it’s shocking.

When my life turned into one big pony-tail-sporting, yoga-pants-wearing, there-aren’t-enough-hours-in-the-day, never-ending mom party, I started having a terrible case of mom-guilt when I’d take shortcuts at mealtime.

I was just too tired and busy and sometimes downright fried to do anything else. And I felt bad about it.

And microgreens were my very first step into showing my children that eating healthy is so much more than pinching your nose and eating broccoli because mom says so.

When I found microgreens, my life became 10x easier.

My days went from stressed to the max and guilt-ridden to refreshed and nutrient-packed. All by growing little green shoots with my kiddos in my spare (and very few) moments.

My biggest wish for you, fellow mama? Is to have an abundance of healthy, happy days with your tribe—no matter how busy you are.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Cheers to you, your growing tribe, and homegrown greens.