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What are microgreens? Are they the same as sprouts?

Is the term microgreen just a trendy word for sprouts? No!

Microgreens are safer, healthier and tastier. Here's why:

Microgreens and sprouts are different. They differ in; what they are, how they are grown, health risks posed, taste and nutrition they offer. 

Lets start with sprouts which most people have been familiar with for some time. Sprouts are germinated seeds generally grown in dark, extremely humid conditions. Sprouts offer many nutrients and a mild crunchy taste. Unfortunately, sprouts also are a high-risk food because the way in which they are grown is a perfect environment for growing a variety of harmful bacterias as well. 

Microgreens are different. 

Microgreens are more than just germinated seeds. Microgreens are seedlings or baby plants and can be grown in soil, fresh air and sunlight. Not only are microgreens safer to eat but they are richer is nutrients, and have more intense flavors as well as a beautiful appearance.

Plant growth stages highlighting microgreen

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