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Learn how to grow microgreens at home

Are you eager to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient life, but feel like time and space can get in the way? There is a small, simple and impactful way of achieving this!

In this FREE Video Guide, you’ll learn:

  • what you need to grow microgreens
  • the simple steps to successfully grow microgreens
  • when and how to harvest

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Why Microgreens?

  • They're fun, quick and easy to grow and require very little space.
  • Microgreens are extremely healthy! They're packed with essential nutrients.
  • Growing microgreens is a great way to create a connection between your child and their food.

We love our microgreens kit from Hand-Grown Greens! Not only are the microgreens super easy to grow, but its a project that my whole family gets excited about. Each day we measure to see the growth and the kids take such pride in the growing. I used to have to sneak leafy greens into their diet but with these, they just snip and eat. We are hooked!

Pea shoots growing kit
Micro radish growing kit

I loved using the process as a teaching experience for my kids. My 4 year old daughter literally begged me everyday to water her microgreens and then to eat them!! I love supporting an organic, environmentally conscious business run by a woman and Mom! Totally recommend these DIY Grow Kits!



1 OUNCE of micro broccoli provides the same amount of sulforaphane (a phytochemical which contains a high concentration of antioxidants and is a power anti-cancer compound) as over 1 POUND of raw broccoli?